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We’re scientists at heart and

testing partners by trade.

a culture of first-ever(s)

We make our own tools

From the software to the robots and custom delivery vehicles. It’s all part of the Cannalysis experience.

We built a scientific braintrust

We validate our investment in brainpower with the lowest error rates in the industry.

We focus on science that drives the industry forward

Our goal is to create and develop scientific strategies that can deliver exceptional value for our customers while addressing the rapidly changing demands of our industry.


Cannalysis is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited. The single most important standard for calibration and testing laboratories around the world.

Our lab is technically proficient and able to produce precise and accurate test and calibration data.

Questions & Answers

Who is my main contact person?

You can reach out to Cannalysis via phone, email, or chat and we will happily help you with your needs. Depending on your facility location you will be assigned an account manager who can ensure all your experience is second to none.

How quickly do I get my results?

Cannalysis is obsessed with meeting turn around time expectations. We track our turn around times on a weekly basis. On average, 90%+ of the samples are released within 3 days of receipt at the lab, 95% within 4 days, and 99% within 5 days.

What is the process for a sample/pickup for testing?

Once an account has been set up. Pick up requests can be submitted through the Cannalysis customer portal where you will receive an email confirmation designating time and day of pick-up. Alternatively, your account manager or our front desk can assist in scheduling a pickup. Typically, a 24-hour notice is required for scheduling, however, we will also accommodate in any way we can for last-minute requests.

Can I do a sample dropoff?

Yes, we allow walk-ins at our Santa Ana facility between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. In addition, existing customers can use the sample drop during non-business hours as long as the sample is accompanied by a chain-of-custody.

What is Compliance vs R&D testing?

Compliance testing is the state-required panel of testing needed to put a cannabis product batch on retail shelves. Each batch must be representatively sampled by Cannalysis from a licensed distribution facility before being analyzed at the lab. The results of these tests are then reported to both client and BCC.

R&D testing is ala carte testing services. These samples do not need representative sampling (although we strongly encourage it for homogeneity purposes). Clients can pick and choose what tests they want to be performed on the sample. The results are reported back to only the client. We recommend this type of testing for QC of raw materials, product formulation, process development, etc.

Whether we are analyzing a compliance sample or an R&D sample, we use the same ISO certified methodologies and processes to ensure the highest quality data.

How much do the tests cost?

Please inquire about pricing by contacting Cannalysis.

Your elevated testing experience starts here, now.